5 Exciting Malawi Miracles

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Malawi miracles

Malawi miracles

From the clear, turquoise-watered Lake Malawi to the imposing Mount Mulanje and wildlife rich Liwonde National Park, Malawi is full of the beautiful wonders of nature.

The Culture-Ist shares her top five Malawi miracles:

1. An undercover photographer’s landscape

Malawi boasts an array of green valleys, dramatic cliffs, lush plantations, picturesque rivers, sunsets and much, much more to capture on camera.

2. Rare wildlife

Lake Malawi is one of only two places in the world where cichlids, brightly coloured freshwater fish, can be found. Malawi’s Liwonde National Park is also one of the few places where black rhinoceros can still be spotted in the wild.

3. A national secret handshake

The Malawian hospitality is well-known but did you also know, that the locals have developed their own greeting, or “secret handshake”? Lock thumbs as you say: “how are you,” then shake as you reply: “I am good”.

4. Less touristy as other African safari destinations

It may not last for long but Malawi is still less visited by tourists than many other popular Southern African safari destinations. Visitors can experience the unsoilt African wilderness without having to put up with hoards of tourists.

5. Unique location

Malawi borders Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania making it easy for travellers to combine a trip to Malawi with its neighbouring countries.