CAWS Gears Up For The Green Season

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CAWS Green Season

CAWS is taking advantage of the green season in Malawi, offering guests the very best of Malawi’s bush, beach and mountain experiences.

CAWS Green Season

Baobab plain by Frank Weitzer

When the long-awaited rainy season arrives in Malawi, the dust of the hot dry season vanishes and the country flourishes, yielding ample greenery. During this time, the country’s key wilderness areas become full of life and energy, allowing avid wildlife enthusiasts and nature-lovers to experience the best of Malawi’s wildlife and natural heritage.

The Rains Bring the Green

With the first rainfall, the country’s landscapes transform to yield deep, verdant shades of emerald green. The air becomes crisp and clear and the dynamics of many wildlife populations shift. The views in and around the Great African Rift Valley become vibrant and seemingly infinite, and there is a flurry of activity in all of the country’s key wilderness areas.

In December, the heat of the dry season subsides and the weather starts to cool down, with occasional showers occurring in the run-up to the rainy season. The rains in Malawi start and intensify in January, and continue throughout February and March. Known as the Green Season, this time of the year offers travellers a unique and enhanced experience in Malawi with cool and comfortable weather, an excellent time for birding and wildlife viewing.

Birding in the Green

Many migrant birds usually arrive during the start of the Green Season. At this time of year, areas such as Liwonde National Park are ideal for enjoying excellent sightings of a wide variety of both migrant and indigenous birds. Areas such as Nyika National Park are also excellent locations to visit and a colourful array of wildflowers as well as up to 200 species of orchids bloom across the endless plains and montane grasslands of the plateau.

Caws Green Season Malachite kingfisher by Alan Grimes - Owner of Baobab Travel

Malachite kingfisher by Alan Grimes – Owner of Baobab Travel

Wildlife in the Green

Herds of antelope give birth to their offspring and tend to their young in this season. Across the country’s key wilderness hotspots, many wildlife species tend to travel freely through their habitats due to an abundance of water sources being available. The season is also ideal for photography enthusiasts as the clarity of air allows for striking images across vast vistas to be taken with ease.

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