Wasabi meets Sumac in Kaya Mawa’s kitchen

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Kaya Mawa dining

Dining at Kaya Mawa is a truly unique experience. The aromatic smells and innovative combinations coming out of the lodge’s kitchen will leave you mesmerized.

The team, led by Richard Greenhall, has perfected the fine balance of Middle Eastern and Asian influences, creating their own unique style. They fuse together the explosive spices and subtle nuances of the ingredients which are loved by foodies around the world.

Tease your taste buds with elements such as poached pineapple, cardamom, anise and toasted fennel sea salt with Wasabi and Sumac ice cream or toasted quinoa, charred broccoli, chili and tahini with whipped lemon basil, feta and coconut sambal. These are just some of the many dishes which make their way from the Kaya Mawa kitchen to the lakeside dinner plates.

The ethos of the dining experience at the lodge is a balance between flavour and an understanding that many of us prefer a healthier eating lifestyle. Of course, there are moments to embrace a little indulgence, but the balance and planning of the guests’ meals are at the heart of this blend of cuisines.


Kaya Mawa dining

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