A Rare Battle between an Elephant and a Crocodile

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Elephant crocodile battle Liwonde

Elephant crocodile battle Liwonde

During a boat safari in Liwonde National Park, a recent Mvuu Camp guest witnessed an extremely rare spectacle of a heated tussle between a crocodile and an elephant. The scene unfolded when a breeding herd of elephants began ambling along the riverbank to quench their thirst, oblivious and unsuspecting of the crocodile lurking in the waters nearby.

Just as an elephant calf began to drink, dipping its trunk in the water, the large crocodile sprang up from the water with calculated precision, locking the defenceless elephant’s trunk between its lethal jaws. The calf bellowed in agony as it attempted to get away. Meanwhile, the elephants that had stood alongside the calf gave into their primal instinct of retreating to safety, momentarily leaving the calf to fend for itself.

Moments later, a larger elephant, that appeared to be the matriarch of the herd, entered the scene with a deafening, mighty trumpet, determined to turn around the course of events. She stomped on the crocodile making the predator release the calf. Having put up a futile yet brave fight to free itself from the crocodile’s relentless hold, the calf ran back to the safety and solace of its herd as soon as its rescuer intervened.

The video event was shared on the CAWS Facebook page. Video credit: please see guest details in video post.

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