Exciting wildlife sightings in Majete Wildlife Reserve

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Wildlife Sightings F

Majete offers an abundance of wildlife sightings waiting to be discovered.

Every safari is a new adventure that you embark on. No two days are ever the same and that is what makes each one so special. When you head out on a game drive you always yearn for a glimpse of Africa’s icons, such as elephant, rhino or lion. What a pleasure it is to observe them in their wild habitats, getting on with their lives and filling their niches in the natural order of things. At Robin Pope Safaris Mkulumadzi Camp it’s no different as an abundance of wildlife roams the Majete Wildlife Reserve.

An exciting wildlife experience in Majete revolved around discovering these little lion cubs feasting on a recent kill.

Mkulumadzi’s guide Erik experiences the exciting wildlife sightings that Majete has to offer, first-hand. He describes some by saying, “Every animal brings out a certain feeling and reaction when you come across them in the wild. The knot in your stomach from the excitement of approaching your first big male lion or when you’re being dwarfed and feel so insignificant in the presence of a herd of elephants. We feel alive, amazed, awe-struck and filled with wonder.”Wildlife Sightings in MajeteWildlife sightings in MajeteWildlife sightings in Majete

The mega-fauna is often what initially draws your attention to nature and while we might not be aware of it, they open up a door to a world of interesting behaviours that we long to learn more about.

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