A stylish home away from home in Lilongwe

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Lilongwe, the quiet capital of Malawi, started out as a small fishing village on the banks of the River Lilongwe. Today it is divided into New and Old Town. The Old Town is the area where the original fishing village was located and today it maintains the appearance of a traditional African settlement. New Town came into existence after Lilongwe became the capital in 1975 and boasts modern buildings and other features. It is an exceptionally green city with trees and patches of grassland covering a great deal of the city.

Located in new town’s leafy lanes on the northern edge of Malawi you will find Latitude 13°. This oasis offers naturally stylish two-storey apartments made of exposed brick, wooden ceilings and a good dose of ironworks. Your stylish home away from home.
stylish home away from homePast guests can’t get enough of the boutique hotel, such as Lameen who described his stay in this Trip Advisor  review: “Probably the best design hotel I’ve stayed in – the attention to detail through the whole property and the rooms is impeccable. I was even more pleased to hear that most of the designs and art work were locally done in Malawi. I took so many pictures to show my family but was so impressed that I just took a video and sent it right away – they were jealous…”
stylish home away from homeThe one and two bedroom apartments are suitable for families and offer fully equipped kitchens, lounging areas, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs with premium channels, free-grab and go breakfast, on-site laundry facilities and all other facilities you would expect in a luxury long-stay residence.

Lilongwe is the perfect stop-over spot for tired travelers, where they can relax and pick up some essentials before the next big adventure.

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