Full Moon Wildlife Spotting With CAWS

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Full Moon Wildlife spotting

A wondrous thing to do at Mvuu – Visit the hides in the moonlight.

Full Moon Wildlife spotting 2

© Bentley Palmer

On 4th November this year, there will be a full moon, which will yield extremely good nighttime visibility from the 3rd to 5th of the month. On these days, at no extra charge, full board guests of Central African Wilderness Safaris Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge will be able to enjoy a late night visit to two of the camps’ viewing hides in the old rhino sanctuary in Liwonde National Park.

Of the two hides, the “platform” hide is found 15 feet above a small waterhole and the “eye level” hide is situated at ground level at a location which has recently been dug out to provide cleaner water and better fields of vision. Both viewing hides are strategically located and geared to provide guests with a unique and enhanced wildlife viewing experience in the moonlight.

What you will see:

Moonlight viewing is unpredictable, guests might not see much or they might see a considerable amount of activity. There are good chances of seeing black rhino, and some of the many nocturnal animals that inhabit the park such as serval, civet, genet, hyena and mongoose.  Elephants might also come down to the waterhole.  Apart from the viewing, the bush on a moonlit night is a remarkably atmospheric place to be.

Full Moon Wildlife spotting 3

© Bentley Palmer

Taking photos:

This is not really a photo opportunity activity, we do not want to disturb the animals with a flash. This experience is more about soaking up the atmosphere of the bush at night.

The time to be there:

Generally, the later (or earlier) the better. Between midnight and 0400 is often the most productive time but you need to be patient and prepared for some hours of waiting with not much happening.

Maximum number of guests per viewing: 6 guests at a time.

Guest review:

During the recent full moon in October, wildlife photographer Bentley Palmer visited one of the CAWS Mvuu viewing hides. Here’s what he had to say:

“I entered the hide at around 5.30 pm, at which time there was a large herd of buffalos gathering around a waterhole near the hide. After about an hour of drinking, at around 6.30, the buffalos began leaving the site one by one, when a single rhino which appeared to be a young male approached the waterhole, displacing the remaining few buffalo. Following a very brief drink of water, the young rhino left the site, after which ten elephants and two bush pigs arrived at the waterhole to quench their thirst. I also observed a herd of 14 zebras loitering about in the vicinity, awaiting their turn at the waterhole. The highlight and most memorable sighting of the night took place at 9.45 pm, when Julia the rhino arrived at the site with her calf. She first took a few minutes to feed the calf and nestle him in a safe spot nearby, before spending a good half-an-hour drinking and relaxing at the water’s edge.”

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