The American travelling couple, Hannah and Adam, recently returned home after travelling around the world for over a year on a amazing adventure. As part of this trip, they visited Malawi and fell in love with it.

They blogged about their experience along the way on their blog: Getting Stamped

Recently the couple asked their followers on Facebook this question:

“If you had to pick one country that you can’t wait to get back to what would it be? For us it’s Malawi, come read about our thoughts on Malawi. #Africa #Malawi

They describe their first impression of Malawi and what made them love it in their blog titled, Malawi, What Do I Say?

Adam wrote:

” Despite all of the problems and crushing poverty there is a certain feeling I got when talking to people in Malawi. People were kind and genuine.”

Read the full blog about their other thoughts on Malawi here.