The haunted rock of Thyolo Mountain

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Thyolo Mountain

The rolling lush green hills of the Thylo Mountains are arguably one of the most scenically beautiful regions in Malawi. Satemwa and Huntingdon House lie on the slopes of this majestic mountain. Visitors to this corner of Malawi cannot but help to be caught up in the colonial magic of this area.
Thyolo MountainJust over a decade ago the mountain was covered in indigenous forest with a giant rock balancing on the edge of the steep slope. The forest is gone but the rock is still there. Satemwa’s former manager, Mr Phiri is now blind and almost 90 years old. His memories of the area are as vivid as ever and he gladly shares his stories of the special rock on Thyolo Mountain. He tells of how the rock was visible from far away and the flowers up there where it lies were beautiful. In the olden days, the village elders used to go up to the rock to pray to the spirits of their ancestors, asking for rain. And they were successful, he says. He tells us that any time a white man was trying to camp up near the rock he would find himself lying far away from the tent the next day.Thyolo Mountain Mr PhiriThere is still a path up to the rock, and it’s definitely worth the short hike as it offers stunning views of the fields below. A sleep over is allowed at the rock, if you are brave enough…

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