Huntingdon House Welcomes Malawi’s Wildlife

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Huntingdon House, Satemwa, Malawi's wildlife

With visits from Malawi’s wildlife, it’s starting to feel a lot like a game park at Huntingdon House.

Huntingdon House, Satemwa, Malawi's wildlife

The misty trail where the hyena was spotted © Huntingdon House

Huntingdon House and the Satemwa Estate are far more than just the delicious coffee and tea grown on the property. This month, the estate was host to a variety of wildlife and the staff were thrilled at these surprise visits from their four-legged neighbours.

On her way home one evening, the establishment’s accountant spotted a hyena and, on another occasion, the guard on duty witnessed two jackals wandering near the main administration office. Staff members have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an African civet sneaking around the forest nearby. This spotty, catlike omnivore is shy and secretive, so everyone at Huntingdon were thrilled by these sightings.

Several skittish Duiker, which is a small- to medium-sized type of antelope, were seen quite often visiting the grounds. A picture-perfect moment was when a business of Mongoose was spied drinking water from the birdbath on one of the house’s lawns.

After a month filled with exciting animal encounters, the staff at Huntingdon House is now confident that the resident porcupine and serval will pay them a visit late at night.

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