Inspirational Team at Satemwa

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Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate is not only about Tea and beautiful views. It is also about its people and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Osman Karim is almost 24 years old. He is one of the lucky young people that has been sponsored by Rare Charity to finish his university degree in Food Technology.

Satemwa Osman1

Osman Karim

For most young Malawians it’s difficult to even make it to secondary school and Osman knows how fortunate he is to be able to study towards a degree.

All of his recent holidays have been spent working in the Satemwa Factory as a trainee putting his studies in food in to reality. “I am also learning how to manage people”, he says with a big smile.

But his dream is to open his own small food factory. “I make great yoghurt”, he adds proudly.

Visit Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate and meet their inspirational team.

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