Dr John Wilson & CAWS at International Waterbird Census

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Central African Wilderness Safaris, CAWS, Mvuu Lodge, Mvuu Camp, International Waterbird Census, Liwonde National Park, Waterbirds

Join Dr John Wilson at the International Waterbird Count at Central African Wilderness Safaris’ Mvuu Camp and Lodge in Liwonde National Park.

Central African Wilderness Safaris, CAWS, Mvuu Lodge, Mvuu Camp, International Waterbird Census, Liwonde National Park, Waterbirds

Dr. John Wilson

Malawi’s foremost environmental scientist, Dr John Wilson, will be at the upcoming International Waterbird Census. Dr. Wilson has been the National Coordinator for the African Waterbird Census for the last 18 years and will deliver a special briefing and presentation for all Mvuu guests participating in the 2019 count.

The event is being held at Central African Wilderness Safaris‘ (CAWS) Mvuu Camp and Lodge in Liwonde National Park from the 12th to 13th January 2019. Facilitated by Wetlands International, the count will take place in 143 countries around the world in an effort to gather data about different waterbird species and wetland ecosystems.

Dr Wilson has served as the National Chairman of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi. He also co-authored The Birds of Malawi – The Splendor of Diversity, published in 2017, with Bentley Palmer. Furthermore, Dr Wilson has published papers on the vernacular names of birds in Malawi, the Chewa proverbs relating to birds as well as the birds of Lake Chilwa. His work includes studies related to bird hunting on Lake Chilwa and the development of community waterbird conservation and management. At present, Dr Wilson is actively involved with issues related to human-made climate change in Malawi, and is working towards mitigating its impact on Malawi’s lakes and rivers.

International Waterbird Census, International Waterbird Count, Central African Wilderness Safaris, Mvuu Camp, Mvuu Lodge, Waterbird Conservation, Bird Watching, Liwonde National Park, Malawi Safari

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CAWS will be offering a scheduled tour during this period to give travellers the chance to experience the best of Malawi’s green season birding and actively join in the count. For those interested, CAWS has released information on their packages and programmes.

In other news, on 12th December, the Children In The Wilderness (CITW) Camp discovered the beautiful and elusive African Pitta in the grounds of Chintheche Inn at Lake Malawi. This is a new record for the area and it is hope that they may breed in the immediate vicinity. The verdict is still out on this and it may have been a single bird on migration.

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