Kaya Mawa and Green Safaris Partner for Malawi’s Ecotourism

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Kaya Mawa, Malawi's ecotourism, Malawi, ecotourism

A new alliance in Malawi’s ecotourism sector is investing in the well-being of both environment and community.

Kaya Mawa, Malawi's ecotourism, Malawi, ecotourism

A woman involved in the clay beads community empowerment project © Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa has recently joined together with the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation to further cultivate the beach lodge’s green credentials and invest extra support into the existing community and conservation projects.

To date, Kaya Mawa has worked together on many projects with the village headsman and district commission to address the real needs on the island in a meaningful way. One of these initiatives, which is has been successfully and sustainably running for 10 years, is Katundu, a creative trade workshop established to provide empowerment and employment to local orphan carers and single mothers.

Other undertakings include HIV/AIDS awareness programs, the construction and resourcing of a community library, supporting cultural dance teams as well as building a water tank and laying a piping system that supplies roughly 2000 people with running, potable water.

Kaya Mawa, Malawi's ecotourism, Malawi, ecotourism

Kaya Mawa is located on Likoma Island in the middle of Lake Malawi © Kaya Mawa

The new safari operator, Green Safaris, is committed to promoting ecotourism in Africa, and together with the Foundation and key community leaders, Kaya Mawa is currently planning projects that will continue to empower the Likoma Island community and surrounding environment.

These projects will focus on improving access to education, upgrading the services offered at community health facilities on the remote island, and increasing conservation initiatives that promote reforestation and education around fish conservation.

Guests at Kaya Mawa will be given the opportunity to become involved in some of these initiatives. They will be welcomed to visit and help at one of the schools or produce their own arts and crafts from recycled materials.

Kaya Mawa
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