Likoma Island in Bloom

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Kaya Mawa Likoma Island in Bloom

Kaya Mawa Likoma Island in Bloom

Likoma Island off the shore of Lake Malawi and is one of those places where you know you are somewhere truly special from the moment you arrive. There is just something magical about this island, perhaps it is the fact that you’re surrounded by alluring blue waters and tropical surroundings.

The main lodge on the island, Kaya Mawa offers guests a unique and exclusive stay where small reptiles, birds, and amphibians are regular visitors. It might still be winter in Malawi, but it’s clear that spring is around the corner. Many migratory birds are returning and stunning drought-tolerant flowers are beginning to bloom. As the flowers bloom and the birds arrive, the scenery bursts into colour. Think bright Red and Yellow Bird of Paradise and vast draping Bougainvillea and Frangipani.

This month, Kaya Mawa welcome back the most common bird of prey in Lilkoma – the Yellow Billed Kite with its impressive wing span of up to 180cm. Also returning for the warmer summer months is the African Fish Eagle. Paradise fly catchers, African hoopoe’s, sunbirds and kingfishers are also all in abundance, brightening up the skies.

From the sky to the water, Malawi also offers some spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities. Holding a world record for the most fish in one lake (over 1000 species), Lake Malawi is an underwater wonderland. One of the most common species found in the lake are the brightly coloured cichlids, which also happen to be endemic to the lake.

With all this and more to offer, a true paradise awaits at Kaya Mawa…

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