Malawi Cheetah Conservation Update

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A happy ending for the cheetahs that were recently translocated from South Africa to Malawi. 

A few months have passed since the successful release of 4 specially chosen cheetahs into Liwonde National Park in Malawi. This commendable act was pulled off in an attempt to reintroduce the charming cheetahs back into Malawi as it has been about 20 years since cheetahs were last seen thee.. Happily, due to the success of the project, cheetahs now roam Malawi once more.

Various sightings of the four cheetahs have been recorded since their successful release. The most recent by guests visiting African Wilderness Safaris Mvuu Camp & Mvuu Lodge

More exciting news has been shared  that at least one mating event has been confirmed by Liwonde National Park.

The first step to cheetah conservation in Malawi was a success, and hopefully soon we will have news of little Malawian cheetah cubs to celebrate.