Mkulumadzi Welcomes the Winter Season

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Majete lion

Majete lion

Robin Pope Safaris Mkulumadzi team is delighted to welcome winter to the Shire Valley. Erik, a Mkulumadiz guide, describes the joys of the new season:

‘Here at Mkulumadzi we are definitely going into a new season. Winter is on the doorstep, and while there are many places in the world where that phrase would not be uttered with much enthusiasm, we are thrilled down here in the Lower Shire Valley.

The humidity has dropped significantly, the rains are fewer and further between with pleasant winter winds blowing. On a few evening drives we have even had to resort to covering ourselves with blankets, a strange feeling since none of us have worn anything more than short sleeved shirts since September last year!

All animals are looking nice and plump from the abundance of grass and green leaves that they feast on. Here we are enjoying a dazzle of zebras whose contrasts stand out so beautifully in all the green.

The youngest member of our lion pride has also been growing with the grass it seems. He is turning out to be quite a strapping young lad. Bearing slightly equal features to our human teenagers with his disproportionate feet and large ears, he puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

Mkulumadzi is a stronghold for many beautiful species of butterflies. Point them out to your guide and ask him to let you into the fairytale world of swallowtails, pansies and charaxes.

So all in all we are doing well down here and we are looking forward to the colder winter months when we will be taking some longer walks and hikes around the reserve, and staying out on our drives for a little longer since the sun is not forcing us to retreat as early in the day. What a privilege it is to live in the bush and experience the change of seasons alongside the wildlife.’

Majete wildlife

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