We chat to a long-standing member and Malawi Safari Driver Guide of the Ulendo Malawi Group about his favourite places to visit in Malawi.

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A visit to Malawi is incomplete without a road safari courtesy of the Ulendo Malawi Group. The team of Driver Guides at Ulendo boasts years of experience in unraveling the beauties of Malawi to local and international guests. We meet Martin Magola, one of the much-loved Driver Guides at Ulendo.

Martin has been a Malawi Safari Driver Guide with Ulendo for over eight years now and says the most exciting things about his job are “travelling, meeting different people and sharing ideas”. When asked, Martin struggled to pick his favourite place as Malawi is so diverse but among his favourites are Lake Malawi, Liwonde National Park and Mulanje Mountain:

Lake Malawi is the most beautiful lake with its fresh water and Chambo fish, Liwonde National Park has wide open spaces which make animal sightings very easy and Mulanje Mountain is the highest mountain in Malawi and will always remain a key tourist attraction.

Contact the Ulendo Malawi Group and let Martin and his team take you on your Malawi safari of a lifetime.

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