Renovations at The Historic Huntingdon House

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Huntingdon House Renovations

The busy season on the Satemwa Tea & Coffee estate is in full swing but at Huntingdon House it’s been the time to take some well-deserved rest. This is also the time when the maintenance team comes in and shine.

Huntingdon House Renovations

Huntingdon House Renovations

In the mid ’30s Huntingdon House was built as the home of Maclean Kay and his family. It was also designed as the hub of Satemwa itself with offices and storerooms intact. Nowadays it is a guest house that strives to give its guests a unique and personal experience and provide an insight into the special life on a tea estate in Africa.

Each room has been individually decorated to reflect the quirks and character of this grand residence and appropriately named based on the original function of the room in the household: Mother’s Room, Father’s Room, The Nursery, Planters’ Suite and The Chapel. Each area of the house has a story of its own and guests are encouraged to share in the colourful history of one of Malawi’s oldest homes while being spoilt by the team of professional staff at Huntingdon House.

In such an old house there is always something to be attended to. This year Huntingdon House’s maintenance team, comprising of Milvard and Cedric, painted some of the walls inside the house for a fresh new look.

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