Safari Awards for Kawa Mawa

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Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa received 9 awards out of the 11 categories they were nominated for at the recent Safari Awards.

Kaya Mawa Safari Awards

©Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa has cleaned up at this year’s  Safari Awards, taking home two of the most hotly contended Africa awards; Best Cuisine and Most Romantic Property in Africa. Of the eleven categories Kaya Mawa was nominated for, they received awards in nine of these.

Receiving second place for the best location award, the island is everything an African paradise could be. It has massive Methuselah-aged baobab trees, mango groves, untouched coves and beaches, dirt roads leading to cassava fields and small fishing settlements. Visitors are drawn to swimming and snorkeling with the greatest diversity of fish anywhere on the planet in Lake Malawi.

luxurious pleasures at Kaya Mawa

Luxurious pleasures at Kaya Mawa

With an emphasis on conservation and sustainability, Kaya Mawa seamlessly integrates its dreamy chalets into the beauty of Likoma Island’s landscape. Each chalet boasts a unique design allowing nature to dictate architectural parameters and their interiors delicately created in partnership with community-run textiles projects. It’s no wonder Kaya Mawa was awarded second place for Best Design in the Awards.

Taking away second place for Best Family Safari Experience in the Safari Awards, Kaya Mawa is really a destination that everyone must see for themselves…

Safari Awards 2018 – Kaya Mawa

1st – ‘Best Safari Cuisine’, ‘Most Romantic Safari Property’

2nd – ‘Best Design’, ‘Best Family Safari Experience’, ‘Best Location’

3rd – ‘Best Marine Safari’, ‘Best Ecologically Responsible’

Honorable Mentions – ‘Best Community Focused’, ‘Best Safari House’

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