In loving memory of Chip Kay, 1931-2020.

Words by Anette Kay of Satemwa Lodges .

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Chip Kay © Satemwa Lodges

In 1931, in a small house not far from Satemwa, my father-in-law was born in the month of the wind that’s September. His father Maclean and mother Flora were delighted to add a little Chip to the family.

You saw so much during your life of changes. You used to tell us about lions down the road from Satemwa when you were little and how you and your little sister Julie played in the bush around the farm with all the local children and that you only started speaking English properly when you were sent to school at nine years old.

All of Satemwa and our family can’t really believe that you are gone. You had the most amazing energy and were always open to new ideas. When you walked into a room it was not unnoticed. You loved telling stories of your past and wanted to know everything about everyone you met. Almost every night, you used to come down in your blue Nissan Patrol to the lodge and speak to the guests staying with us, sometimes for hours. Guests’ food used to get cold but they would, in complete fascination, keep listening to you and answered the many questions you had.

As the Managing Director of Satemwa, you always wanted the women to be seen, making sure they were encouraged to get jobs that normally a man in Malawi would do. There were garden ladies delivering your tomatoes and vegetables every week that you used to teach new farming skills to and ladies working in the nursery schools on Satemwa that you always stopped and chatted with. The spring water from the top of Thyolo Mountain running into Satemwa was Malawi’s first bottled water and you made sure there were and still are only women doing that job here.

I always admired your curiosity and energy about new things; your mind was always busy. “I want to learn something new every day”, you once told me and I think about that often, how important it is not to get stagnant and comfortable.

“You will miss me when I am gone!”, you used to say chatting away on family Sunday lunches on the farm. And there are no words that can describe how much we miss you and will miss you. You are in our hearts always and I am very sure you are not far away, still watching us with a cup of tea in your hand.

From all of us at Malawi Waves, we send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Chip.

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