Satemwa celebrates the start of a new season

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Satemwa Coffee Flower

Once a year magic happens at Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate, right after the first lovely rains.

Satemwa Coffee Flower

Coffee Flower

Suddenly, one morning, the whole field of coffee bushes at Satemwa are covered in small white flowers. A result of the welcomed Summer rains.

The air is full of the sweet smell, the birds are chirping and bees have plenty of flowers to choose from. Sadly, it only lasts for a few days,but there is something even better coming…

The flowers drop off and tiny little green hints of coffee fruit starts to cover the branches. The coffee bean cycle starts again and there is lots of work ahead to get that little green fruit to grow into the ripe red or orange cherries.

Meanwhile the tea loves the first rain after the heat from the harsh October sun and fresh shoots are rising on top of the plant.

It’s a time full of excitement about the season ahead.

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