Processing coffee cherries at Satemwa

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The coffee cherries are ripe and ready to be turned into your favorite cup of coffee at Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate.

berriesCoffee trees produce berries called coffee cherries. These berries turn red when they are ripe and ready to be processed. The 40-year-old Satemwa Tea and Coffee  factory is filling up every day with these red and yellow ripe cherries – ready to be turned into some delicious coffee!

There are a few different methods of producing the coffee. The traditional Malawian way to process the berries is called the “Washed Process”. In this process, the outer skin is removed with the help of a machine. It then transports the cherry to a clean tank with the help of water. The remaining green beans then floats in big tanks for about one to two days (depending on the weather) and are then dried in direct sunlight on big tables.

The second method is called “Pulp Natural”. This is when the skin is taken off in the machine and then the berries are put straight out to dry in the African sun. This process brings out a natural sweetness in the coffee and makes a great Espresso.

The third method is called the “Natural Process”. In this process, the ripe cherries goes directly from the bush, and onto big tables to dry in the cool winter sun. They can take up to 30 days to dry and are then taken to a mill to take the husk off. The “Natural Process” gives the coffee bean a fruity flavor which can make the coffee taste like a berry.

The smell of freshly roasted coffee will soon linger in the Malawian air. It is true what they say…life is too short for bad coffee.

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