Satemwa’s passionate about African coffee

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coffee, Malawi, Satemwa

‘Tis the season for coffee picking.

coffee, Malawi, Satemwa

Red coffee beans ripe for picking © Annette Kay / Satemwa

It’s winter time in Malawi, and Satemwa Coffee and Tea Estate is experiencing cold and rain like it hasn’t in many years. Roads are slippery and not for the fainthearted. The ripe red coffee cherries are adding bright colour to the misty weather. It is the season for picking the coffee beans and their little factory is full and busy getting the ripe skin off to release the bean inside.

Growing coffee at Satemwa

Coffee is indigenous to Africa and many species of the family grow in the forest of Satemwa. The team at Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate have grown coffee commercially since the early 1970s and are now the only farm growing coffee beans in the Thyolo and Mulanje area. They produce mild washed Arabica, a pulped natural and natural coffee types, and all are hand-picked to guarantee cherries that produce sweet and aromatic coffees.

While it’s a challenging crop, Satemwa remains passionate and committed to finding new, progressive ways to continue growing it so that you can always delight in a great cup of coffee.

Satemwa Tea & Coffee Estate

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