Sightings and Scenery in Nyika National Park

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Nyika Serval Cub by Alan Grimes - Owner of Baobab Travel (1)

Recent guests at Central African Wilderness safaris’ Chelinda Camp and Lodge’s enjoyed spectacular wildlife sightings in Nyika National Park.

Nyika National Park is Malawi’s largest park which extends across a great plateau covered in montane grasslands and boasts with spectacular wildlife sightings.

Nyika The Plateau by Samuel Chihana 2

The Plateau by Samuel Chihana

Incredible predator sightings

Over the past couple of months, guests visiting Chelinda Camp and Lodge were treated to an array of spectacular predator sightings in Nyika National Park. Guests on guided safaris were able to enjoy a series of leopard sightings near the Chosi Loop, as well as a variety of other predator sightings including spotted hyenas, jackals and serval cats, most of which were spotted during exciting night game drives. In addition, owner of Baobab Travel and frequent CAWS guest, Alan Grimes recently had the fortune of recording an extremely rare sighting of a young serval cub.

Nyika Serval Cub by Alan Grimes - Owner of Baobab Travel (1)

Serval Cub by Alan Grimes – Owner of Baobab Travel

More fascinating wildlife sightings

The elephants that were relocated to Nyika National Park in early August have settled in well now and have adjusted to the cooler climates on the plateau. In addition, the plateau’s resident herds of zebra, eland and bush buck can also be seen with relative ease, and guests on game drives and guided walks have been able to spot these mammals grazing nonchalantly on the plateau’s vast grasslands. Over the past month, the CAWS team at Chelinda Camp and Lodge have hosted a variety of birding tours and guests have been making special trips to the plateau in search of the many migrant and indigenous bird species that inhabit the grasslands and surrounding forests.

Lush shades of green coming to surface

As a result of the recent light showers and rainfall leading up to the rainy season, the montane grasslands of the plateau have started to take on a lush shade of green. Moreover, some of the hundreds of species of orchids and wildflowers that inhabit Nyika are gradually coming into bloom, and a wide variety of mushrooms have also sprouted up along the pine forest belt near Chelinda Lodge.

Travel note: When planning your next trip to Chelinda Camp and Lodge in Nyika National Park, please do consider opting for the ‘Trees with Every Trip’ (TWET) travel add-on. By adding just USD 20 to your final travel bill, you will be able to help plant 10 trees in Chintheche, and offset some of the carbon emissions that may be generated from your travels.

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