It may not snow, there may not be any mistletoe hanging from the ceilings and Father Christmas may not leave wrapped gifts underneath the tree, but Christmas remains a special time of the year in Malawi, says Ulendo.

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With over 80% of Malawians being Christians, Christmas is celebrated by many, including by those that are not necessarily Christians. The days preceding Christmas are usually filled with frenzied shopping as people prepare for Christmas lunch and small treats for their families.

On a typical Christmas morning, families across the country come together to celebrate Christ at a church service where children dress up in new clothes bought especially for the season. The church service includes the singing of hymns and the re-enactment of  the nativity scene.

This is usually followed by a hearty feast of rice and chicken, which is accompanied by either a crate of  soft drinks, a juice concentrate or a bucket of thobwa (a fermented drink that has a milky appearance, a cereal taste, a grainy texture and which is made from white maize and millet or sorghum).

Over the years, Christmas in Malawi has slowly become more commercialized, with some companies organizing children’s parties and excursions at a small fee. At such outings the youth are offered a rare opportunity to visit different parts of the country, learn new things and make new friends.

Indeed, Christmas in Malawi brings with it, its own warmth and joy as people celebrate Christ and make a deliberate effort to share the festive cheer with their loved ones in spite of any challenges or limitations.

Ulendo welcomes you to visit Malawi and experience Christmas our way! Many of our travel partners and establishments always do something special during this season for both local and international guests, and we can work on a special package just for you and your family. For more information, contact Ulendo below.

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