Successful Bird Weekend at Mvuu Camp & Lodge

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Pel's fishing owl by Alan Grimes, Owner of Baobab Travel

CAWS hosted a fantastic green season birding weekend at Mvuu Camp & Lodge recently.

Last month, Central African Wilderness Safaris hosted a green season birding weekend at Mvuu Camp and Lodge, where an array of birding safaris were conducted to locate the numerous bird species that inhabit Liwonde National Park during the rains. During the much-loved green season, Liwonde National Park is teeming with life, and guests visiting the park can expect to enjoy an endless series of bird sightings.

With the help of CAWS’ well-trained guides, many avid birders, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts participated in the birding weekend and were able to tick off a wide variety of both resident and migrant bird species from their checklists. Over the course of the birding weekend, a total of 130 bird species were collectively recorded by CAWS guides and guests.

Wire-tailed swallow by Abby Tochterman

Bird weekend Wire-tailed swallow ©Abby Tochterman

A few of the sightings recorded whilst on safari included those of brown-breasted barbets, Allen’s gallinules, bat hawks, racket-tailed rollers, white-backed night herons, brown-hooded kingfishers, pallid harriers, African skimmers, marsh sandpipers, wood sandpipers, white storks, black crake, wire-tailed swallows, African jacanas, waders, black-winged stilts, grey-headed gulls, gull-billed terns, whiskered terns, white-winged terns, African eagles, spur-winged lapwings, malachite kingfishers, as well as sightings of the extremely rare Pel’s fishing owl.

Pel's fishing owl by Alan Grimes, Owner of Baobab Travel

Bird weekend Pel’s fishing owl by Alan Grimes, Owner of Baobab Travel

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