Talent lies in the warm heart of Africa

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Malawi recently had the honor of opening its first ever pediatric institute at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.

Mercy James pediatric institute was funded by Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi which was founded in 2006. Boasting brand new facilities and equipment, there was a lot of excitement around the opening, and one of the most beautiful things about the hospital is the murals that were painted inside the hospital by the kids from Jacaranda School of Orphans.

Jacaranda School of Orphans 1

A team of twelve children (five girls, and seven boys) is responsible for the beautiful murals. The kids were led by their friend, artist John Platt, from New York who has been visiting Malawi for the past three years to help the kids learn how to draw with art materials he brought out for them.

The young artists painted a vibrant tree of birds which can be found in the main hall, as well as another small tree, a playroom full of cichlids, some majestic cranes and lastly the map of Africa. The Raising Malawi organization chose the Jacaranda School of Orphans out of several other entries to paint the murals after seeing their artwork at an exhibition in New York.

Jacaranda School of Orphans 2

Three of the children who were involved with painting the murals were also chosen by Madonna to dance with her son, David, for the opening ceremony. Jacaranda School of Orphans is amongst a few places in the country constantly working on ensuring kids are taught all forms of arts – from singing and dancing to drawing/painting, and even theatre, so that they can go on to represent Malawi in the future.

Jacaranda School of Orphans 5

The Ulendo Airlink team can’t wait to see what the future holds for these talented children!

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