Raise your glass and join Ulendo Safaris in a toast to the Champagne Season in Malawi.

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Lake Malawi, Ulendo Safaris, Green Season

Lake Malawi is well-known for its healthy population and diversity of cichlid fish © Ulendo Safaris

Never heard of the Champagne Season? Ulendo Safaris has decided to rename the country’s often underrated Emerald or Green Season, that takes place from December to May, with this sparkling title. They know that this season is the insider’s travel secret. It still offers an outstanding experience in as well as a unique perspective of The Warm Heart of Africa on a relatively small budget for those cost-conscious travellers.

If anyone knows exactly what each season brings to the travel hotspots around Malawi, it’s Ulendo Safaris. Here they give us just five out of a long list of reasons why Malawi truly glows at this time of year:

1. The low season rates. As this is the off-season period in Malawi’s travel and tourism calendar, you get to live the champagne lifestyle on a beer drinker’s budget. Cheers to that!

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Lake Malawi, Robin Pope Safaris, Green Season

Sundowners overlooking Lake Malawi from the infinity pool at Pumulani © Robin Pope Safaris

2. The country bubbles over with happiness. Smiles grow wider on the faces of local Malawians as the rains clear the sky, bring fertility back to the land and cover their country in beautiful shades of green.

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Satemwa, Satemwa Tea Estate, Green Season

Pickers in the lush, green Satemwa Tea Estate © Anette Kay / Satemwa Lodges

3. The fauna and flora boom and bloom. Although the creatures and vegetation of Malawi are a shiny draw-card all year round, it is over these months when they particularly thrive and dazzle in the various game reserves and national parks, including Lake Malawi.

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Liwonde National Park, Robin Pope Safaris, Green Season

Hippos surface from the Shire River in Liwonde National Park © Robin Pope Safaris

4. The temperature is perfectly warm. Malawi at this time of the year is neither too hot nor too cold, but rather just the right amount of both to make the country’s top outdoor destinations your playground for a couple of days.

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Lake Malawi, Kaya Mawa, Green Season

Canoeing on Lake Malawi © Kaya Mawa by Green Safaris

5. The light is flawlessly photogenic. For photographers especially, this is the time when the golden hours of dawn and dusk are drawn out for a little longer so you have more time to get some great shots out of each day.

Malawi Waves, Malawi, Lake Malawi, Ulendo Safaris, Green Season

Lake Malawi as seen from its soft, sandy shoreline © Ulendo Safaris

Interested in finding out about Malawi’s best destinations and how the seasons affect them? Then chat to the team at Ulendo Safaris.

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