Planting Trees in Satemwa Estate’s Forests

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Planting Trees in Satemwa Estate's Forests

“He who plants a tree, plants hope.”-Lucy Larcom

Satemwa forest trees

Planting trees in Satemwa’s forest

The warm wind is sending the dry dust up in the air and everyone at Huntingdon House and Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate in Malawi are waiting for the rain to arrive.

Meanwhile life must go on, on the estate and Ellinor Lyton, one of the dedicated staff at Satemwa, is busy planting blue gums on one of the recently felled fields.


Ellinor Lyton Planting trees

There are 350 hectares of blue gum growing on Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate. Most of the trees that they fell they feed to the boiler to make heat in their tea factory.

All trees that they use are sustainable grown and it takes about 8 years for the blue gum to be ready. Bamboo was recently introduced in the Satemwa forests as they don’t need so much water, fitting in with the estate’s CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) program, focussing on the environment.

Small bucks and lots of birds are often spotted in the forests around the estate, a real treat for guests to enjoy.

The changing of the seasons is a great time in Malawi and Satemwa looks forward to sharing it with their guests.

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