Ulendo congratulates Mt Mulanje Porters Race runners

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Runners take on one of Malawi’s most adventurous mountains.

On Saturday the 14th of July, participants of the annual Mount Mulanje Porters Race took on Africa’s longest rock climb with the 2017 race winners, Charles Musowa and Doris Fisher, successfully defending the title.

Mulanje, Malawi

Participants in this year’s Mt Mulanje Porters Race in July © Ulendo Safaris

Ulendo Safaris congratulates all those that participated in the event!

The Mount Mulanje Porters Race has been taking place for 22 years and continues to be a much-loved extreme sporting event on the country’s sporting calendar. The race starts at the foot of Mount Mulanje in the Likhubula Valley, with participants running up to Chambe Plateau, onto Lichenya Plateau and back down to the Likhubula Valley. Participants must traverse rolling grasslands intersected with forested ravines and several rock pools as they race to the finish-line.

Guests in Malawi are welcome to hike the trails to the nearest rock pool or picnic site all year-round or take on the challenge of the Mount Mulanje Porters Race in July.


Blue skies above Mount Mulanje © Ulendo Safaris

For more information on how to visit the impressive Mount Mulanje, contact Ulendo Safaris.

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