Update on Robin Pope Safaris’ New Kuthengo Camp

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Building is in full swing at Robin Pope Safaris’ New Kuthengo Camp, and will be ready to start welcoming guests very soon.

Building is in full swing at Liwonde and the Robin Pope Safaris team are very excited for the opening of Kuthengo Camp in April 2018. After many months of planning, building finally commenced at the end of September and it’s been all systems go since then!

Building Kuthengo Camp 01

The first few months were spent concentrating on the final layout of camp, the positioning of all the buildings and clearing the area. The team have also made a fantastic entrance into the camp that leads straight towards a Baobab, making for a rather grand first impression. The next step was to do all the foundations and ground work, and finally they started to see the camp take shape and get an idea for how it was going to look.




All of the tent bases are now in and they are simply waiting for the tents to arrive.

Over the last few months whilst the team have been building the camp, they have been lucky enough to have had some amazing wildlife sightings. Although, thankfully the resident crocs decided it was far better to move down to a quieter spot along the river when the team arrived! This was much to their relief, as the team travels from the local village across the river by boat each day. But having said that, the crocodiles still pop up to have a look and check on progress from time to time.

Kuthengo, meaning ‘wilderness’ in the local language, truly depicts the setting of this camp. At the start of the project some very inquisitive elephants, waterbuck, impalas, baboons and hippos all passed through the camp to check out what was going on. The main point of curiosity was all these people and there would often be a stare down between the team and the animals. However, as time moved on, everyone has become far more relaxed and both animals and staff go about their daily chores pretty much ignoring the other and letting everyone get their jobs done.

The hippos, however, have probably been their biggest competition while building, as they simply love to spend their nights stomping all around camp making sure they trample over any freshly dug areas that have been prepared for a job the following day

Daily life in Liwonde is incredibly busy but the team loves working in such a beautiful place with the big open African skies, the Shire riverbank just a stone’s throw away, as well as the pods of hippos, abundant birdlife and many other animals that come through camp.

Kuthengo Camp is set to open 27 April 2018 and Robin Pope Safaris is looking forward to welcoming guests at their new camp.

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